Due to a new open/free schedule to create, I have set out with the intention of starting again. And by that, I mean, brushing up on rudimentary skills. Literally. Stepping back. Simplifying.

These latest happenings in the studio can only be referred to as sketches. They are quick, messy, and to the point. While in the spirit of gaining momentum in the studio again, I wanted to reinforce a few good habits:

1. Identify, mix, and apply value where appropriate.

2. Focus on mark. What can be done with one large brush?

3. No throwaways.... make it work!

These sketches each had their struggles, and I think it's the evidence of the struggle that interests me most. Each mark is the representation of a small decision. And when I see each final sketch, I see it as a recording of impulses, thoughts, attentions, and actions. I would think to myself... "How am I going to show likeness when I have a one-inch brush?" But, somehow, the composition of all marks brought them together successfully. I was chasing the illusion of light hitting a form and the accuracy of likeness. And each of these, at least once, got to a "this is trash!" moment, but through patience (walking away and looking at something else for minute) and rule no. 3, they all worked out to my satisfaction. Pretty cool!

Aside from the skills I wanted to reinforce within myself, there is also meaning. The meaning exists in the process. The duration. Whether it be an acquaintance, a best friend's child, a good friend, or a wife... the meaning, for me, is the time they were on my mind while painting them. And these, I was happy to spend some time with.

Dear, Child

The Nicest

Hangin Low