9.30.2016 // JUST BEING HONEST: A dialogue on life and imperfection

Pop-Up Art Show @ YIELD Design, St. Augustine

Gallery photos by Kelsey Heinze

This body of work is a marriage of both new and aged words and imagery. Paintings by Andrew Scott Wilson. Words by Sarah Kathleen Wilson. Inspired by daily happenings, both bodies of work have roots in faith, service, fear, nature, self-love, and plans. Subjects deemed worthy. Subjects with room for growth. Subjects with weight, but color. The truth is, we are imperfect. And we were made to be. But what we're given, is the chance to share. And the only way to do that, is to just be honest about what makes us real.


YIELD -- Andrew Scott Wilson, Painter

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11.7.2014 // DEAR AND LIGHT BLUE

Nettles Fine Jewelry, St. Augustine


"I am reducing a life down to my personal icons. Portrayed via the moments I have shared with them. They are dear to me. These are the faces and the moments that have weight. Light blue is rooted in sadness, but in ways, it is a light brighter than white. A sign of life. A balance of inward and outward emotion. When I remember those who are dear, I remember them with a focus. An emphasis that dominates middle, fore, and background. They become what they are…everything."