I am a full-time working artist currently living and creating in St. Augustine, Florida alongside my wife Sarah.



Andrew graduated from Flagler College in 2008 with a B.F.A. and went on to teach middle school art for five years. Recently, he left the classroom to pursue his art fully, wholly, and collaboratively alongside Sarah Kathleen Wilson (Sarah Tells Stories).

Using his skillset in oil painting, Andrew digs for conceptual messages to display, most of which are derived from the personal chemistry and powerful emotion of his relationship with Sarah. The vulnerabilities, challenges, and outlook on their relationship shapes their outward modes of expression.

The scale of Andrew's work yields to his tall physical stature as well as his often kinetic application of paint to the canvas. The grandeur and size of the work can pull the viewer in from across the room to then reveal the accompaniment of Sarah's mode of expression, writing. Through journal-like personal compositions, Sarah speaks a voice that many can call their own. With the work being created simultaneously, the inspiration is woven.

Collaboratively, Andrew and Sarah's work appeals to an audience greater than that of just writing or painting alone. With an objective to shed light on the overlooked realities of society, Andrew and Sarah unwrap beauty through the marriage of imagery and words, breaking any ambiguity in the process.

Read some of Sarah's words, here.


I am drawn to the human form. I see the physicality of the body as our instrument for action. It is universal. It is the barest of truths. It is our presence. Our tangible body is just flesh and innards; however, it is our only instrument for movement within this world. My objective is to glorify a personal fact or emotion that may not always be announced with grandeur. Body language tells my stories. I am inspired in different ways. My relationship with God drives me to think. My sentimentality selects my subjects. And, lively music moves my brush. A process that crumbles when all are not present. I capture photographs from both social gatherings and poses. These photographs are a starting ground for flesh tones and positioning. At times, my painting assimilates the process of additive sculpture. I work in layers and I do not blend my strokes. My process is evident and my forms can be easily reduced to rectangles. I leave the detail up to the viewer's preference. The life of my work is the responsibility of the onlooker. 

Learn more about my process here.